What is old person smell and ways to prevent it from happening.

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The smell of an old person or the smell of an elderly person (Aging odor) does not occur from being dirty at all. But it is a special body odor for people aged 40 years and over. Body odor is caused by sebaceous glands and sweat glands. Produces sebum and sweat to interact with bacteria and cause odor on the body. The reaction with bacteria will produce different odors.

As the body gets older (40 years and older), this process works worse, causing the accumulation of a substance call Nonenal, which is the main source of the old odour. The older you get, the more your body will have this smell as well.

Nonenal, or the precursor to this old man’s scent, has the property of being insoluble in water or fat. It relieves doubts about durability. Because taking a shower will not help the body odor go away, including the clothes of the elderly will have this smell attached to them as well. Report by UFABET

Ways to solve old person smell.

  • Wipe away sweat often. With wet tissues that can suppress odors As you know, odor is cause by a combination of sweat, fat, and bacteria. Breaking the cycle is simple. is to wipe away sweat Or make yourself sweat as little as possible.
  • Exercise may be contrary to what was previously recommend. But only at certain times By exercising, it helps the sweat glands expand and expel waste. Reduce the cause of the accumulation of bacteria and dirt.
  • Take a hot shower. Taking a hot shower helps your pores expand. Carrying sweat and dirt along with water Including nowadays there are deodorant products for the elderly. Can be use along with
  • Stop smoking. Cigarettes are an important factor that increases free radicals in the body. It is the cause of the circulatory system working worse. Resulting in the accumulation of waste in the body, adding a bad odor to the skin glands.
  • Reduce meat and fat. The fat in meat stimulates the glands to produce sebum and expels 1 out of 3 excess oils. The main reason for the formula is the smell. In addition, it is recommend to avoid all types of high-fat foods to reduce odor.